Dumonde Tech Pro X Bio Bike Wash Spray

Pro-X Bio bike wash is an environmentally friendly and completely 100% bio-degradable cleaner.
It is water soluble and doesn't contain any hydrocarbons or petroleum based compounds.
The spray bottle does not contain water, only concentrated cleaner - just dilute to use then re-fill with concentrate when needed.

Selective surfactants are designed to effectively loosen dirt and grime and rinse clean without any residue or water marks.
Safe to use on all parts including disc brakes and carbon components
Bio-bike wash is designed to be highly effective so only needs to be used sparingly - no need to over apply like some brands.
Simply lightly spray and let the Pro-X cleaner do it's work!

Pro-X Bio bike wash is designed to break down and effectively clean away:

Mud and road grime
Natural organic compounds


100% non-toxic and bio-degradable
Kind to the environment
Water soluble
Low scent
Rinses clean
High performance means it more economical in use - no need to over apply.


£18.99 £10.99
Brand: Dumonde Tech