Dumonde Tech PRO X MR Grease

Dumonde Tech PRO X MR Grease uses Micro Resistant Polymer technology to provide the ultimate protection and performance in cup and cone bearings, head set bearings and suspension forks and shocks.

Utilising compounds developed for aerospace applications the Pro X MR formula uses polymerisation to create a barrier of grease at surface contact points which reduces wear, protects against corrosion and is waterproof.
MRCC (Micro Resistant Complex Compounds) technology has been developed by Dumonde specifically to offer light viscosity and superior protection.

Pro X Liquid Grease can be used to thin Pro X MR grease.


MR Grease doesn't oxidise or become sticky over time
Durable across all riding riding conditions
Very low VOC < 3%
Optimum tackiness for smooth bearing roll to eliminate bearing skip and flat spots

Available in 1oz and 4oz sizes



Brand: Dumonde Tech