9point8 Digit 2.0 Remote Lever

The new Digit 2.0 remote lever features a numbewr of upgrades and improvements to the previous Digit 1.0

The lever pull ratio has remained the same for a smooth, low force action and the sealed bearing pivot and textured thumb pad ensure smooth, easy operation.

The bar clamp has had a redsign and now features three mount options to fine tune the lever postioin on your bars.
There is also a neater machined pocket to tuck the cable end away for a cleaner look.
The plastic axle of the previous Digit has been replaced with a stronger one piece alloy axle that will still brake away in event of a crash but is now less susceptible to damage when transporting your bike or on uplift days.

The Digit 2.0 comes complete with a 22mm bar clamp but integrated mounts are also available for Shimano IS-B, IS-II, IS-EV and also for SRAM Matchmaker. 


Super easy installation - cable secures at the lever
Sealed cartridge bearing pivot 
New multi position mount provides up to 10mm of lateral adjustment 
Smooth, light action works with any cable operated dropper post
Ergonomic textured thumb pad 
Available with Shimano and SRAM integrated brake mounts
Lightweight - just 42 grammes including bar clamp

Brand: 9point8