Forkboost is the worlds most advanced fork seal and stanchion lubricant.

Simply apply to clean and dry stanchion surfaces and cycle the fork a few times.
Wipe any accumulated dirt and grime from the fork seal.
Wipe any excess Forkboost from the stanchions for unbelievable buttery smooth fork feel.

Forkboost can also be used as an internal fork seal lubricant on all types of suspension forkto prevent fine dirt and water from entering the fork and contaminating the suspension oil.

Forkboost is a totally natural, petroleum free high performance lube


High performance stanchion lube that leaves your fork feeling unbelievably smooth
Use as a fork seal lubricant to ensure continued smooth running
Long lasting
Non petroleum based means Chainboost is totally bio-degradable and non-polluting
Totally natural oils means there is absolutely no risk of damage to fork seals, stanchions or lowers.