1/1 Mountain Boost 6 Bolt Front

Looking for a wheelset that is budget friendly yet high performance?
The new 1/11 hubs from Industry Nine have you covered.

With 90 points of engagement and a six pawl dual phased system the 1/1 utilises a 45 tooth drivering that provides an amazing 4 degrees between engagement.
The 1/1 offer the weight and performance normally only found in much more expensive hubs.

1/1 hubs are machined, assembled and anodised in Industry Nines own factory in the USA. 


  • High Load sealed cartridge bearings
  • 32 Spoke Count
  • 15mm axle for current freehub body options
  • 165 grammes
  • Labyrinth radial lip seal and end cap seals
  • Boost spacing
  • Any colour so long as it's black


Brand: Industry Nine
* Spoke Count Front:

* Front Endcaps: