Galfer MTB Shark Rotor 203 x 2.0mm 6 Bolt

The new Shark disc rotor is a revolution in stopping power and the culmination of 70 years experience in designing and manufacturing the highest quality braking systems.

The unique caharactersitic of the Shark rotor design is the inner fins that combined with the drilled hole pattern allow for a dramatic reduction in operating temperature.
The new wave design and lateral openings provide a more powerful and stable braking contact area.

The benefits of the Shark design are:

  • Longer brake pad life - typically brake pad life is increased by 25 - 40% depending on conditions
  • Increased braking power - the advanced design of the Shark rotor requires less braking pressure that increases real braking power by 5-10% while reducing hand fatigue
  • Increased stability and brake feel - the structural design of the Shark rotor means that it remains stable and consistent even under extreme conditioins and high temperatures and so provides a more consistent,reliable and progressive feel
  • Lightweight - typically around 15-50% lighter than other rotors on the market
  • 2.0mm rotor thickness suitable for all MTB apllications including E-Bikes

Galfer have been a leading manufacturer of braking components for seventy years.
By combining their heritage, research and design and manufacturing experience with cutting edge technologies Galfer remains at the forefront of brake system development in the motorcycle and cycling sectors.

Working closely with world class riders and teams they continue to innovate by using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques in their European design, testing and production facility in Spain.

Galfer disc rotors are straightforward replacements for original discs and don't need any special adaptors or tools.

Galfer Disc Rotor Features:

  • Laser cut from high carbon stainless steel
  • Anti corrosion treatment
  • Lightweight
  • Stiff
  • 6 Bolt or Centrelock attachment
  • Improved braking power over stock rotors
  • Powerful, progressive modulation
  • Superior pad cleaning capacity
  • Quiet with no vibration
  • High performance braking in all conditions
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and 1.8mm or 2.0mm thick
  • Made in Spain
Brand: Galfer