Dumonde Tech Pro X Lite Chain Lube

Dumonde Tech Pro-X Lite chain lube is dry lube that won't attract dust or dirt.

By using MRCC (Micro Resistant Complex Compounds) Pro X Lite chainlube is ideal for all weather road riding and for offroad riding in dry and dusty conditions.

MRCC (Micro Resistant Complex Compounds) have been developed by Dumonde Tech for over ten years and provide high protection with low viscosity that reduces friction but also creates a harder wearing, longer lasting film on the chain than conventional lubes.


  • Dry lube that won't attract dirt or dust
  • MRCC technology for high performance and low friction
  • Extremely durable waterproof bond that lasts much longer on the chain than other lubes, whatever the conditions.
  • Ten times higher lubricity than teflon and ceramic based lubes
  • Drive train stays cleaner for longer
  • Reduces resistance and watts used
  • Excellent performance in extreme cold too.

Pro X Lite can also be used on cables, pivots and seals and is safe on plastic, rubber and all seal materials.
Pro X Lite lube has been engineered to provide a highly resistant, high performance chain lube that won't wash off and so lasts longer.
That means more rides from less lube.


For optimum results we recommend you follow the following guiidelines for use.

1. Thouroughly clean your chain with a high quality cleaner or solvent.
2. Ensure your chain is completey dry before the first application of Pro X chainlube
3. Done properly, you should only need to clean your chain once prior to the first application of Pro X
4. For best results Pro X requires 2 to 3 applications to ensure the polymerization bonding process.

Follow the guidelines on the bottle for re-application. We advise re-applying on sound, not distance or riding conditions.


Brand: Dumonde Tech
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