9point8 Fall Line Rebuild Kit for V2 Nut

This kit provides all the parts you need for a basic service and re-build of your Fall Line post.
It includes a new wiper, nut seal, keys, lower bumper, upper and lower bushings and the new Seal Support Ring

Use this kit if your post is losing performance through general wear and tear through riding, if your wipers are torn or if you are starting to leak air from the main nut

Please note this kit is ONLY for use when rebuilding your post and re-using the V2 nut.
If you have a Fall Line with a V1 collar nut please order the rebuild kit that includes the V2 nut. 

For a full rebuild you will also need a standard cassette spline tool such as the Park FR-5 and the 9point8 brake release tool.


1 x Main Wiper
1 x Wiper Spacer
1 x Main Air Seal (X-Ring)
2 x Nut O-Ring seal (Red)
1 x Foam Lube Ring
1 x Spline Nut O-Ring Seal
1 x Bottom-Out Bumper
1 x Mast O-Ring Seal
1 x Top Telescopic Bushing
1 x Bottom Telescopic Bushing
3 x Key Assembly (Bullet nose key, spring and tail key)
1 x 1/4oz Jar P10L Grease
1x Seal Support Ring

Brand: 9point8