9point8 Fall Line 49mm Stroke Spacer Kit

The Fall Line stroke spacer kits allow you to fine tune the stroke on any 9point8 Fall Line post.
The spacers reduce the post stroke and overall length by the amount indicated.
Combine multiple kits to get the optimum post length and stroke for your frame and height.

The kits are straightforward to install and normally take an experienced bike mechanic about 30-60 mins the first time and can be removed at a later date.


6 x 4mm stroke spacers
1 x 25mm stroke spacer
O-rings and flat washer

Please note you will need a 9point8 air brake tool and a regular cassette spline tool to perform the kit installation.
The Park FR-5 cassette tool is perfect but any splined cassette tool with a hole in the centre will work.



Brand: 9point8