2 x 10 104 BCD Spider for SRAM X0 and X9 Cranks

The North Shore Billet replaceable spider replaces the stock spider on SRAM X9 and X0 cranks allowing you to run a smaller granny ring for all day epics and steeper climbs.
It also allows you to to run 104 BCD chainrings which means you can now use any standard 64 / 104 BCD 9 speed and 10 speed ring.
Ring spacing is exactly the same as with the stock spider so set up is simple and shifting is quick and precise.



Why do I need this?

The standard 120 BCD spider does not allow for ring combinations any lower than 26T/39T.  If you live in a mountainous area with big climbs you may want to run a smaller climbing ring.

What chain should I use?

You need to match the chain to the cassette.   In most cases your cassette will be 10 speed so you will need a 10 speed chain.  If you wish to use the NSB 2×10 Spider with a 9 speed cassette then you will need to use a 9 speed chain.

What is the difference between 9 speed and 10 speed chains?

Very little.  The difference is the overall width of each link.  The 9 and 10 speed chains share the same pitch and internal width.  The outer link plates on the 10 speed chain are thinner than the 9 speed chain to fit between the smaller gap between the cogs on the 10 speed cassette.

What chainrings should I use?

You can use any standard 9 speed chainrings.  We tested Shimano, Truvativ, and RaceFace rings on our Spider.

What is the difference between 9 and 10 speed chainrings?

There are several major differences.   Most 10 speed chainrings are 120 BCD and standard 9 speed chainrings are 64 / 104 BCD.  Also, some do not mount to the crank arm spider with the traditional nut and bolt but are threaded and use a chainring specific bolt.  In addition, the spacing of the rings on the crank arm spider is different between 9 speed and 10 speed cranks.  What is the same is the tooth thickness which means you can run a 9 speed chainring with 10 speed chain.

Do I need to replace my front derailleur?

No.  The NSB 2×10 Spider is designed to be used with SRAM 2×10 front derailleurs.

Will the NSB 2×10 Spider fit a X0 or X9 BB30 crank sets?

Yes – we have 2 specific models for BB30 cranks.

How do I install the NSB 2×10 Spider?

Just remove the existing spider and rings and replace with the NSB 2×10 Spider with 2 new 9 speed chainrings of your choice. You may have move the front derailleur down towards the largest ring (depending on what rings you would like to install).  Check your front derailleur alignment and adjust accordingly.

Will the NSB 2×10 Spider work with the S2210 crank?

Yes, the NSB spiders are compatible with the S2210 cranks that is commonly found on Specialized bikes.  The S2210 is an OE crank that is virtually the same as the X0 crank set.


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