1x11 Spider for SRAM XX1, X0 and X9 Cranks

The North Shore Billet 1x11 Spider replaces the stock SRAM spider and allows you to run SRAM XX1 chainrings on X0, X9, SS210 and S1400 cranks.
The spider doesn't have mounting holes for a granny ring and the postion of the single chainring allows for a better chainline throughout the entire gear range.

For more aggressive All Mountain and Enduro riding the chain ring tabs accept the optional North Shore Billet Rock Ring

Tech Specs:

Chain Line: 49mm
Weight: 60 grammes
Anodized Black
Supplied with 4 mounting bolts

Fit Guide:

For all GXP cranks use NSB SS0009-B X0/X9 GXP Spider
Truvativ AKA, S1400, S2200, S2210, X9, X0, X01(both carbon and aluminum arms), & XX1

For carbon BB30 cranks use NSB SS0010-B X0 BB30 Spider
S2200, S2210, X0, X01, & XX1

For Aluminium BB30 cranks use NSB SS0011 X9 BB30 spider
Truvativ AKA, S1400, X9, X01


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