Dumonde Tech Pro X Liquid Grease

Dumonde Tech Pro-X Liquid Grease is a high performance replacement for traditional viscosity grease.

By utilising Dumode Techs' MRCC technology, Pro X Liquid Grease polymerizes and bonds to surfaces to provide high sheer strength and protection with extremely low drag.
Pro X Liquid Grease will also helps transfer heat and provide lubrication in critical surface contact areas.

Liquid Grease is highly recommended for steel and ceramic cartridge bearings.
Liquid grease is waterproof and protects bearings from corrosion.
Ceramic bearings too are prone to wear and breakdown without lubrictaion and Pro X Liquid Grease is the perfect solution.

Pro X Liquid Grease virtually elimates the drag associated with grease packed bearings even in freezing temperatures.

Pro X Liquid Grease also works great for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings, roller bearings and jockey wheels.

You can also use Liquid Grease as a chain lube in very extreme muddy conditions.
For extra viscosity you can mix Liquid Grease with Pro X MR Grease.


Brand: Dumonde Tech