CushCore Single Insert

Cushcore is designed to improve the ride quality of your bike and is much more than just flat protection.

The engineered foam insert mounts inside the tyre and divides the inner volume in half, with Cushcore next to the rim and a tuneable air pocket under the tread.
They work together as a spring and damper effectively working as an inner tyre suspension system.
Cushcore provides excellent traction and small bump sensitivity and retains the supple and resilient feel of regular tubeless tyre systems.
The damping effect increases proportionally to the amount of tyre deformation so harsher impacts generating more spring force automatically receive more damping force.
Cushcore stabilizes the tyre casing while still allowing the tread patch to remain flexible and sensitve to the terrain.
Impact force is reduced by 50% and tyre interaction with the ground is radically altered to improve overall ride feel

Benefits of running the Cushcore system include:

  • Improved ride feel and shock absorption
  • Superior cornering through improved sidewall support
  • Improved traction and stability
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Flat prevention and rim protection
  • Allows the use of lighter weight rims and tyres
  • "Run flat" capability

Lab tests have proven that using the Cushcore tyre system provides a range of benefits over running a traditional tubeless set-up:

50% Reduction in vertical impact force
77% Reduction in lateral vibrations
58% Reduction in lomgitudinal vibrations
3.2% Reduction in rolling resistance

Compared to other tyre systems, Cushcore is the only one that provides ALL the following benefits:

Shock absorption
Vibration damping
Lateral stability
Rim protection
Pinch flat protection
Tyre "Burp" protection

The single replacement inserts are supplied without air valves

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