Chainboost from Whistler Performance Lubes is a revolutionary new high performance chain lube.

Developed to interact with the metal surfaces of the chain at a molecular level, Chainboost creates a barrier that helps repel dirt and water.
Unique natural additives increase corrosion resistance, improve lubricity and ensure that Chainboost lasts longer than traditional wet or dry lubes.

The unique physical barrier and "on demand" hydrodynamic properties of Chainboost dramatically reduces friction, prevents rusting and improves the mechanical performance of the drivetrain as well as increasing its lifespan.
Chainboost is also "self cleaning" - spraying or wiping the chain with a damp rag will activate Chainboosts' dynamic cleaning abilities and allow any dirt to be washed off leaving the chain like new.

Chainboost does not contain any kind of solvent or petroleum based products and is fully bio-degradable and totally non-polluting.


High performance chain lube that naturally repels dirt
Long lasting
Non petroleum based means Chainboost is totally bio-degradable and non-polluting